Opinion Piece BY Nicola Reddwoodd

PETA stands for People For Ethical Treatment of Animals. For many years I had read things like “PETA kills animals”. I did not buy into it so I did my own research and observations. It seemed quite contrived and corporate what those people were saying about PETA. Several times people accused PETA of killing animals and in the same sentence they accused them of caring more about animals than humans. So I was wondering, if those hater people cared about animals then would they not be happy that PETA cares that much about animals? And if the haters didn’t care about animals, then why would they care about their death? This appeared like a manufactured patch work of not so well fitting arguments against PETA.

Research after research brought me to Richard Berman. A market psychologist working for the corporations, Richard Berman writes smear campaign articles and creates all types of propaganda using different modalities like text, film and images, in order to turn the public against an organization or person, or make people buy certain products. One can visit his website Center for Consumer Freedom and order anything from an infinite buffet of slander tactics, peer pressuring video clips and commercials for any agenda.

Market psychologists like Berman have done all kinds of things already, they lured kids into smoking cigarettes in the 70s, they made us buy eco unfriendly washing powder, they said that meat is healthy (while meat is a killer), they hired false scientists to proclaim that pollution does not create CO2 emissions, and they turned a whopping number of people against Hillary Clinton, just to name a few true examples among thousands. Richard Berman knows the secrets to advertising things the effective way. He himself has no problems with kids smoking,

eating meat, drinking milk and ruining their health. After all, he gets paid millions for each propaganda.

For many years Richard Berman has been working tirelessly on the anti PETA campaign trying to ruin their reputation. He probably had to think for a while about how to find the most effective way to make the public hate PETA. Market psychologists study the population, they do statistics, and they found out that most people in the USA seem to reject the concept euthanasia. This fear of euthanasia, which means good death by the way, lead many older ladies in the USA to hord animals under horrific circumstances. Those ladies argue “I have to rescue all dogs and cats so that they are not being euthanized by the governmentally funded animal shelters even if the animals suffer, oh well at least they don’t have DIE.”

But the fact is there loud and gruesome: The animals are Suffering. And there is a reason why the governmentally funded shelter workers euthanize the cats and dogs after a couple of weeks trying to find homes. Millions of dogs and cats every year and thousands every day are euthanized in animal shelters because they simply do not have the space to accomodate new ones.

If we can’t accept mandatory spaying and neutering then we should not be surprised that the animal shelters are flowing over with abandoned animals. Its simple math and every person can do it. I am indeed grateful to any no kill shelter where the animals are handled properly. But then again, the no kill shelters have their number limits which they have to have in order to keep the residing animals safe and healthy. Which then leads to all new abandoned animals not accepted into the shelters because they already have too many. Which then leads to the new animals to suffer starving on the streets. What do You prefer, the animals starving to death? Or the animals being protected from suffering through euthanasia? My husband and I choose euthanasia for the animals because I don’t want Any animal to suffer. I hope that you, the reader will agree with me on this, I hope I shed a light into this situation.

Richard Berman, knowing how most people feel about death, uses it to the corporate agenda’s fullest advantage. If he can use this inevitable situation, namely that PETA do euthanize animals in their overflowing shelters, and make it look like they are “murderers”, then his campaign works like a charm and the public turns their back on PETA. When that happens, and it is happening all the time all over the place, then the corporations are less restricted on selling their animal based products, entertainment, and pharma research. If you care, if you have a heart, if you have love in you, then I urge you to look at the under cover videos for at least one minute if possible, to see for yourselves what is happening in a fur farm for example. They pull the skins off the animals’ bodies even without anesthesia while they are alive and conscious. They do that to save the money on anesthetic drugs. If you saw how the elephants are tortured in circuses backstage you would never take your kids to circuses again. If you saw how rabbits are tortured in cosmetic testing laboratories you would never buy products that don’t have the safe PETA label on them.

Conclusion: Never ever listen to Richard Berman et al’s slander against PETA. Market psychologists who have no problems causing suffering, work for exploitational corporations and those want to reap and plunder life on planet Earth without any restrictions therefore they want to turn off PETA’s support.

PETA is the largest and best animal rights organization, they have done more than any other group to educate the public on the situations regarding animals world wide. We need PETA, they are the main animal protecting police on land.

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