source: GMOs revealed

One suspect is the widespread use of Roundup. Studies show that glyphosate (the active ingredient in Roundup) is found in the bodies of 93% of all humans tested. It’s everywhere…in our food, in the air, in the water.

The amount of glyphosate found in a dog’s body is a full 5,000 percent more than that found in humans. Why are dogs exposed to so much more than humans?

Even if you don’t apply Roundup to your yard, the chances are good that your dog is exposed to it every time you take him for a walk. Public parks, schools, and fields are often treated liberally with herbicides, and dogs pick it up on their paws as they run through it.

The chemicals from the grass leach into your pet’s body, and are licked off as the dog cleans itself. Not only that, but many brands of dog food contain soy, corn, wheat, and other ingredients that have been grown with Roundup.

The Lance family employed a yard-care company that applied Roundup to their grass once a month. The yard was weed-free and looked terrific, but they have been left not only with the pain of losing their canine companions but also with the painful question… did glyphosate kill their dogs?

They have discontinued the use of Roundup on their property and, when they are ready for a new dog, they plan to do things differently. But it won’t bring back what they’ve lost, and they are understandably upset that they didn’t know the risks that glyphosate posed to their pets.

How can you protect your dog?

First of all, avoid treating your own grass with chemicals. Keeping your yard safe by using natural and organic weed and pest control not only protects your animals but your family as well!

Second, consider protecting your dog’s paws with breathable, anti-slip dog shoes when you’re walking in areas that use chemicals. Remove the shoes immediately when you get home to prevent your dog from licking them. Or, wash her paws carefully when you come home from a walk.

Finally, buy grain-free, organic dog food. It may cost more, but between a dog’s increased exposure to glyphosate in public places and the poor quality of many brands of dog food, it’s worth it to protect your fur baby’s health.

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